What’s It Like to Intern at the San Francisco Fed?

2019 Intern Godis Jackson

What’s it like to intern at the Federal Reserve of San Francisco? Godis Jackson, 2019 GOLD intern with our Strategy and Risk team, takes you behind the scenes.

Intern Godis Jackson on a San Francisco cable car
Hi, my name is Godis Jackson and I’m excited to share what I do as an SF Fed intern.
Godis Jackson at San Francisco Embarcadero Center
I’m a senior at Pomona College majoring in Theater and Social Change. My interests span economics, public service, education, and community development.
Godis Jackson presents her GOLD internship project
I’m interning with the Strategy and Risk team. I’m helping to develop and communicate the Bank’s strategic direction and how we think about risk reporting.
Intern Godis Jackson with her mentor
When I need to take a break and stretch my legs, I go on a quick walk around the Embarcadero neighborhood with my mentor, Kathy, a project manager with Financial Institution Supervision and Credit.
GOLD internship escape room exercise
The Bank is big on teaching us the value of teamwork and collaboration. There’s no better way to do that than by having us break out of an Escape Room!
Godis Jackson working at SF Fed headquarters
Luckily, my desk is on the 12th floor, so whenever I need a change of scenery, I can find a spot with an incredible view.

Thanks for sharing your day, Godis! Have a great year back at Pomona College.

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