Community Development Innovation Review

The Community Development Innovation Review focuses on bridging the gap between theory and practice, from as many viewpoints as possible. The goal of this journal is to promote cross-sector dialogue around a range of emerging issues and related investments that advance economic resilience and mobility for low- and moderate-income communities.

  • How Organizations Evolve When Community Development Embraces Arts and Culture

    Victor Rubin, PolicyLink

    The integration of arts into community development has taken root and changed the ways community development organizations strategize across culture and leadership. This article explores how internal restructuring can support the deep incorporation of arts and culture into the daily fabric of the organization.

  • Multiple Ways of Knowing: Translating Outcomes Between the Arts and Community Development

    Jamie Hand, ArtPlace America

    This article reflects on the history of research in creative placemaking and lessons learned from ArtPlace’s ongoing research strategies.

  • Dialogue on Working with Artists

    Adela Park and Ellen Ryan, Fairmount Park Conservancy; Candace Blas and Sezy Gerow-Hanson, Cook Inlet Housing Authority; Facilitated by Alexis Stephens, PolicyLink

    This conversation explores the dynamics and practical realities of collaborative practice between community development organizations and artists.

  • Overview

    Jeremy Liu & Victor Rubin, PolicyLink

    This issue of the Community Development Innovation Review captures a fast-moving target: the evolution of arts and cultural strategies being brought to bear for community preservation, health, and revitalization.  This evolution has led to a kaleidoscope of ever-multiplying, colorful, and moving performances and exhibits, not just in theaters and galleries but in medical facilities, streets, […]

  • Lessons on Collaborative Practice between Artists and Community Developers

    Alexis Stephens, PolicyLink

    This essay examines how community developers designed collaborative practices between their organizations and artists, from bringing creative expressions of local history to new audiences, to facilitating internal strategic planning.

  • State Policy Innovations to Support Creative Placemaking

    Kelly Barsdate and Ryan Stubbs, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies; Frank Woodruff and Jeremy Brownlee, National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations

    Innovations at the intersection of cultural and community development policy can create the conditions for successful creative placemaking work.

  • Do I Need Special Glasses? Seeing Arts and Culture as Part of Community Development for Financial Institutions

    Deborah Kasemeyer, Northern Trust

    An exploration into various ways financial institutions can support investments into arts and culture by aligning them with community development frameworks and institutions.

  • Building Capacity for Creative Community Development

    Paul Singh, NeighborWorks America

    NeighborWorks America is building capacity within community development nonprofits by expanding its training, outcome evaluation, and peer learning offerings to more fully support work at the intersection of arts and community development.

  • Outcomes in Communities of Arts and Cultural Strategies: The Role of Organizing and Engagement

    Jeremy Liu and Lorrie Chang, PolicyLink

    The integration of arts and culture into the processes of community development organizing and engagement transformed the scope of organizational outcomes.

  • Community History, Identity, and Social Change: Reflections from Researchers on the Potential of Arts & Culture

    Chris Johnson and Tina Takemoto, California College of the Arts; Mindy Fullilove, The New School; Jennifer Scott, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum and University of Illinois, Chicago; Michael Rios, University of California, Davis; Facilitated by Victor Rubin and Jeremy Liu, PolicyLink

    Researchers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds take stock of how we could advance the systematic understanding of the role of arts and culture in community development and social movements through research.