Economic Development and Small Business

Economic development and small business are the drivers of the economy by creating jobs, providing goods and services, and facilitating commerce. Harnessing the economic opportunities for low-income individuals involves the availability of capital and resources to support firms that will provide goods and services and hire workers; physical and strategic connection of low-income communities to regional economic activity; and wealth creation to support commerce and community building. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco seeks to support economic and small business development in low-income communities by strengthening the availability of capital and entrepreneurial know-how to small businesses and improved connectivity to regional economic drivers.

Community economics focuses on the business ecosystem in a specific neighborhood and how well its economy functions. The goal of the Community Economics Project is to build local capacity to reverse the decline in neighborhood conditions and create communities of opportunity.


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Related is a web portal to community development resources from all 12 Federal Reserve Banks and the Board of Governors. Through a single web gateway, users can access hundreds of Fed materials that address barriers to economic growth and promote fair and informed access to financial markets.