Community Development Investment Review

Since 2005, the Community Development Investment Review has focused on bridging the gap between theory and practice, from as many viewpoints as possible. In order to better reflect the journal’s goal to advance cross-sector dialogue around a range of emerging issues and related investments, the Review will soon become the Community Development Innovation Review. This new focus on innovation broadens the scope of the journal and thus its opportunity to accelerate promising solutions.

A forthcoming volume will focus on climate change adaptation and community development, and we’re accepting proposals through August 22, 2018. We are interested in manuscripts that provide some conceptual advancements for how the community development sector could or should approach the challenges and opportunities of climate change. Read the complete call for proposals.

Building on What Works: Cross-Sector Community Development

This issue of the Community Development Investment Review celebrates the five year anniversary of the book Investing in What Works for America’s Communities and builds on its themes by exploring innovations and lessons learned from cross-sector practice across a range of issues. The first section begins with reflections from some of the original authors and early adopters of What Works. It then examines two place-based, multi-site initiatives designed to strengthen collaborative leadership and effect systems change, and also highlights innovative approaches from across the country. The second section presents case study profiles of “community quarterbacks” from the Partners in Progress (PIP) initiative, a joint effort between the Citi Foundation and LIIF to provide flexible support and technical assistance to 14 community-based organizations. The case study profiles provide concrete examples of how community quarterbacks are working to marshal resources, build trust with residents, and break down silos, offering hard-won lessons learned for others in the field.

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Community Development Research Briefs

Research Briefs feature data and commentary on emerging community development trends.

Community Investments

This quarterly publication focuses on community development issues and innovative solutions relevant to communities within the Federal Reserve’s 12th District.

Veterans and Community Development

In this issue of Community Investments, we look into some of the reasons why we are seeing a degree of disconnection between what veterans need and the resources available to them. As we consider how the public can address these missing links, this issue’s articles provide evidence from local initiatives demonstrating effective ways for communities to recognize, support, and collaborate with veterans in the arenas of employment, housing, education, and financial stability. Many of the efforts presented here also highlight the ways in which veterans themselves are serving and supporting their fellow veterans and their broader communities.

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Vantage Point

The Community Indicators Project collects input from community stakeholders about the issues and trends facing low- and moderate-income communities in the 12th District.

Working Papers

Working papers provide in-depth analysis of new community development issues from practitioners and scholars.


The debacle of lead-poisoned children in Flint, Michigan reminded us of the insidious and permanent impact of this toxic poison on a child’s brain. However, millions of children (and seniors) living in older homes, especially ones with flaking paint, are still being lead poisoned. Today, the vast majority of children who become poisoned by lead come from lower-income families of color—those least able to shoulder this added burden. This is where community-based nonprofit organizations—especially the 1,000+ groups that weatherize and retrofit older homes across the country—can step in and play a key role.

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Special Publications

A collection of topic-specific publications that takes an in-depth look at relevant community development issues.

Community Close-Up: East Oakland

Community Close-Up is a photo series highlighting stories of resilience from communities facing economic hardship. The first in the series centers on the voices and experiences of low-income women living and raising children in East Oakland.

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