SF Fed Intern Spotlight with Sevan Garibian

Every year, our Growing Opportunity for Leadership and Diversity (GOLD) interns host a pop-up experience at headquarters to present their final projects. For interns, it’s a chance to demonstrate what they’ve learned while practicing public speaking and presentation skills. For employees, it’s a chance to support the interns and to ask questions about their fresh, often out-of-the-box, solutions to business challenges.

Sevan Garibian kindly shared his GOLD intern experience and project before heading back to UC Santa Barbara for his senior year. Here are his photos and thoughts

Sevan Garibian shares his 2019 intern project at the San Francisco Fed
I’m an incoming senior at UC Santa Barbara. My intern project is to create a framework for organizing and maintaining my department’s digital records.
Sevan Garibian sharing his intern project with Jennifer Sanan
I really enjoy the freedom to make this project my own. I’m given a goal, and how I get there is up to me!
SF Fed 2019 GOLD interns
Whether it’s the SF Fed interns taking over the tables in the cafeteria or somewhere along the San Francisco Bay, it’s easy to find a spot to enjoy lunch.
SF Fed Intern Sevan Garibian works from the SF Fed cafeteria
I can take my work anywhere in the Bank when I need a change of scenery. It’s easy to find a great lookout spot since SF Fed headquarters is surrounded by the busy Financial District and Embarcadero.
SF Fed intern Sevan Garibian with First Vice President Mark Gould
One of the most unique parts of my internship was how available the executives were to have coffee and chat.
SF Fed intern Sevan Garibian shares his intern project with SF Fed employees
I learned so much from this internship, met so many great people, and understand more about what I want to do professionally.

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