Latino Communities and the Economy

Representing 31% of the Twelfth District population, Latinos are a vital part of our District’s economy–and the U.S. economy at large. The economic contributions of Latino communities to our country are enormous, wide-ranging, and rapidly growing.

At the San Francisco Fed, we study and share what we’ve learned about the economic impact of Latino communities as part of our commitment to ensuring that all people can fully participate in the economy. Learn more about our work on economic inclusion.

Recent Publications

Our People are #unreserved

Angel Medrano

“My culture has shaped the person I am today, and I’m proud of where my family comes from.” — Angel Medrano

Read about Angel Medrano’s parents and their influence on Angel’s career path.

Vivienne Ayala

“Coming to understand [my dad’s] life—the struggles, the inequality, and the determination for a better future—has shaped my story of what it means to be Mexican American.”

Vivienne Ayala shares some of her lessons learned growing up as a mixed race Mexican American in the U.S.

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