Labor Markets, Inflation, and the Economy

Thursday, October 12, 2023
10:35 a.m. PT

Please join us on October 12 for a live discussion on labor markets, inflation, and the economy. Our featured speaker, Sylvain Leduc, will answer pre-submitted questions from the public in a discussion with our host moderator, Laura Monfredini, Senior Vice President. Key topics will include the challenges of high inflation in the services sector, imbalances in the labor market, and the Fed’s efforts to restore price stability. We invite you to register and submit a question.

This will be a livestreamed event open to everyone and will be made available as a recording below.

Ask the SF Fed: Labor Markets, Inflation, and the Economy.

Photo of Sylvain Leduc

Sylvain Leduc is Executive Vice President and Director of Research at the San Francisco Federal Reserve. As Director of Research, Sylvain oversees the development of key economic research and analysis that informs the decision-making process on monetary policy. Read Sylvain’s full bio.