Our 2021 Year in Review

The SF Fed's 2021 Year in Review

As 2021 draws to a close, we look back at how we’ve learned, adapted, and grown over the past year.


When we face challenges, we see opportunity.
[Seattle skyline.]

In 2021, we continued to live history.
[Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.]

And because of that, we adapted, we learned, we thrived.
[Consecutive photos of SF Fed employees.]

  • 233 virtual bank supervision exams

    [An SF Fed examiner conducting a virtual bank exam.]
  • 123 virtual conferences

    [SF Fed President Mary C. Daly at her computer attending a virtual event.]

We kept growing.

  • 249 new hires

    [Consecutive photos of new hires.]
  • 25 new pets

    [Linda True holding a white dog.]

    I’ve got a white, fluffy puppy.

    –Linda True, SF Fed Fintech Policy Advisor

We engaged with our communities.

  • 74 community events

    [A group of employees at a backpack drive.]
  • 1,999 hours of employee volunteering

    [A group of employees volunteering at a food bank.]

We sparked conversations.

  • FRBSF.org

    [FRBSF.org homepage.]
  • Research papers

    [List of SF Fed research papers.]
  • Media mentions

    [Quotes from media mentions of the SF Fed.]
  • Social media engagements

    [Collection of SF Fed social media posts.]

We revealed our true selves to the world.

[SF Fed Chief Financial Officer Debbie Awai holding up a sign with the SF Fed’s new logo.]

We didn’t tolerate the status quo.

[A room with the SF Fed’s Framework for Change pillars displayed on the wall.]

As we move past the pandemic, our minds will draw us back to the familiar, pulling us to return to the way things used to be, the way that it always was. But that would be a mistake. And in you lies the power to demand something different.

–Mary C. Daly, SF Fed President & CEO

[Consecutive photos: A group of employees at a community garden. An employee at a team celebration. A Federal Reserve law enforcement officer holding up a “Unidos” shirt with employees at a Mosaic ERG event. Fred Villaflor, Federal Reserve law enforcement officer, in front of SF Fed signage. Two Federal Reserve law enforcement officers waving.]

We started building a brighter future.

To build a world that is better, more generous, more equal, more forgiving, and most importantly, more complete.

–Mary C. Daly, SF Fed President & CEO

[Consecutive photos: A group of employees, including President Daly, holding up “Unreserved Opportunity” and “#TeamUnreserved” signs. An employee handing out backpacks at a school. Two employees in a garden. Vice President of Community Development Bina Shrimali, Senior Researcher Elizabeth Mattiuzzi, and Senior Vice President of Public Engagement Laura Choi attending an event. A group of employees cheering at a backpack drive. President Daly hugging First Vice President Sarah Devany.]

We’re excited to make 2022 a year of unreserved opportunity.

Learn more at frbsf.org.

[Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco logo.]

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