Thursday, August 8, 2013 – Saturday, August 10, 2013

Uncertainty and Fiscal Cliffs (pdf, 233 kb)
Troy Davig, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Andrew Foerster, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Sentiment and the U.S. Business Cycle (pdf, 343 kb)
Fabio Milani, University of California, Irvine

The Making of a Great Contraction with a Liquidity Trap (pdf, 316 kb)
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe, Columbia University
Martin Uribe, Columbia University

Imperfect Knowledge about Asset Prices and Credit Cycles (pdf, 404 kb)
Pei Kuang, University of Birmingham

Housing and Endogenous Default (pdf, 3.1 mb)
Emily Marshall, University of Kentucky
Paul Shea, Bates College

Housing Prices and Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy (pdf, 325 kb)
Klaus Adam, Mannheim University

Targeting Nominal GDP or Prices: Expectations Dynamics and the Interest Rate Lower Bound (pdf, 389 kb)
Seppo Honkapohja, Bank of Finland
Kaushik Mitra, University of St Andrews

Can News Shocks Account for the Business-cycle Dynamics of Inventories? (pdf, 792 kb)
Nicolas Crouzet, Columbia University
Hyunseung Oh, Columbia University

Identifying News Shocks with Forecast Data (pdf, 184 kb)
Yasuo Hirose, Keio University
Takushi Kurozumi, Bank of Japan

Informational Fragility of Dynamics Rational Expectations Equilibria (pdf, 249 kb)
Giacomo Rondina, University of California, San Diego
Todd Walker, Indiana University

Intersectoral Linkages, Diverse Information and Aggregate Dynamics in a Neoclassical Model (pdf, 444 kb)
Manoj Atolia, Florida State University
Ryan Chahrour, Boston College

Individual Expectations and Aggregate Macro Behavior (pdf, 2.8 mb)
Cars Hommes, University of Amsterdam

Forecast Combination in the Macroeconomy (pdf, 555 kb)
Christopher Gibbs, University of Oregon

Adaptive Learning in an Incomplete-Markets Model (pdf, 3.2 mb)
Andrea Giusto, Dalhousie University

Consistent Expectations and the Behavior of Exchange Rates (pdf, 890 kb)
Kevin Lansing, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Jun Ma, University of Alabama

Cognitive Consistency and Signal Extraction in Models of Adaptive Learning (pdf, 581 kb)
Wei Xiao, Binghamton University (TBC)